Carbon 60 – One of the Most Potent Anti Oxidants to be Found in Nature

We provide 3 options of highly potent fully saturated C60 premium grade oils – giving you a choice between Coconut, Avocado & Olive base oils. All 3 type of oils meet the highest standards of quality & comply to the original Baati T, et al. manufacturing techniques. We source our 99.95% C60 base powder from SES Labs (oven dried & solvent free) – thus ensuring a product of utmost purity. Be sure to source your product from a trusted lab tested supplier & begin the journey to improved well being & better health today!

C60 oil fullerene mollecule

c60 oil


Ageing is Largely Due to Oxidative Stress

The ageing process within our bodies is driven largely by free radicals that damage our cellular tissue – in which delicate & sensitive structures within our DNA become compromised. Humans have become very specialised in their capacity to deal with this type of oxidative stress by using antioxidants – though we cannot prevent it from happening entirely. Each time a cell will divide & replicate so too will the cellular damage & mutation, & over time this is typically seen as visible ageing.

As mentioned humans have an above average capacity to neutralise & hence repair much of the daily mitochondrial DNA damage that we incur – but our self repairing regulatory system can only do so much! Free radicals are inherently unstable – they either have too few or too many electrons. They roam throughout the body & until neutralised will damage any tissues they come in contact with.

Research is demonstrating that the C60 fullerene Buckminister molecule has the unique ability to donate several electrons at any given time if there is a free radical with too few electrons, or conversely accept several electrons if their is a deficiency of electrons.

What this means is that carbon 60 is an incredibly potent antioxidant, but how it differs from virtually all other antioxidants is that it does NOT lose its capacity to keep on working – meaning it continues to either donate or receive electrons! As per the original research carried out within the Baati / Parris study, it is thought that once the C60 fullerene molecule is saturated within a carrier oil (whether it be Olive, Avocado or Coconut oil), the C60 molecule is carried into the lymphatic system of the body in which it then will disperse throughout the body – binding with the cellular wall on a nano level thus super charging the antioxidant protective system systemically within the body.

As far as antioxidants go there is nothing existing today that has the unique capacity to bind with the lipid by-layer of cellular structures on a nano level & then remain active for weeks on end – nothing except the C60 fullerene molecule, that is…

It is a well known fact that disease begins to take hold when bodily defence systems are allowed to break down to such a level that we can no longer effectively regenerate from cellular damage falling out of homeostasis. As per the old adage would suggest – An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!


Carbon 60 is becoming increasingly validated within the scientific community as a powerful free radical scavenger & anti oxidant - begin the journey today...